GS Roundup Reunion / GS Roundup 1965                                                                        

Schweitzer Mountain Resort
Sandpoint, Idaho
September 13-18, 2015

Sept 12
, Sat
afternoon -- the 11 member reunion committee (and a few of our traveling buddies) arrived at Schweitzer Mountain Resort mid-afternoon.  The weather is perfectly wonderful -- sun shining, no clouds, "There's a blue sky away up Yonder!"  We hung a banner under the Schweitzer sign, settled into our rooms, re-familiarized ourselves with the layout of the resort, and started the job of arranging, organizing, and putting all of our plans in place.  We occasionally pinch ourselves to be sure we are really here!  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone as they arrive tomorrow afternoon.  Looking forward to an awesome week! 

For those who are flying in tomorrow afternoon, look for "Ginger" to greet you at the airport and help you relax while waiting for the bus to Schweitzer:

Sept 13, Sunday -- Everyone has arrived safe and sound. We just finished a delicious pasta dinner, and talked and talked and talked...  Wine and cheese reception now, and more talking of course. Gathering in a nice big meeting room overlooking the lake and mountains, for our first night welcome program. Weather turned cool and overcast today, so we had to find our jackets. Everyone got a nice blue fleece vest to help keep us warm. Traveling has made everyone tired, so we'll turn in early tonight after the program and get rested up for the week's activities. SO awesome to see everyone again and meet all the new ladies who are here for the first time.

Sept 14, Monday – first “real” day of the reunion. We woke up to a cool and overcast morning. My first thought was that it was a gloomy day – and then I thought, how can it be gloomy with all these happy Girl Scout women running around (or walking more likely), truly enjoying marvelous friendships “Make New Friends and Keep the Old!” So I changed gloomy to overcast in my mind.
Our first “event” this morning was a wonderful talk by Mr. Mike Bullard, who researched and wrote a book on the life of Louise Shadduck. Louise was fully instrumental in arranging for the 1965 Roundup to be held in Farragut State Park in Idaho. We all got a copy of his book, and I had already read it last year while in the planning phase of the reunion. It is a fascinating and informative book, and Mike was a capturing speaker. I suggest that anyone who couldn’t attend get on Amazon and buy a copy. It tells just how important the 1965 Roundup was in the growth and economy of Idaho and the state park. A great read!

What a great morning! Our 2nd speaker was a man from the Idaho Fish and Game Dept. who spoke to us about bears and caribou in the area of Northern Idaho and British Columbia. He also was a great speaker, and we learned a lot about grizzly bears and black bears, and the endangered caribou. For the grizzlies they have a program of trapping, placing GPS collars, and tracking their movements, as well as getting DNA and tracking the offspring population. At this time there is a grizzly on the loose -- he was relocated to Montana, but kept heading west, so he's here in the area somewhere! We'll keep an eye out. We had a bear in the parking lot here at Schweitzer last night during dinner - fun (unless yours was the car he was trying to get into!). Sorry I didn't see it first hand or I would post a picture.

Our 3rd speaker was Scott Brusaw. He has a new technology in solar innovation -- his company is Solar Roadways (www.solarroadways.com) and it's the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time -- solar panels on all of our roads, highways, streets, parking lots, and even our driveways. Well worth your time to go the website, download his video, and 'like' their facebook page 'Solar Roadways'. We were fascinated, full of questions, and are still talking about it!