GS Roundup Reunion / GS Roundup 1965                                                                        

Wow!  We’ve reached our maximum number of reunion participants for the 2015 Roundup Reunion -- 225!  The largest reunion yet.  Excitement is mounting as we get closer and closer to Sept. 13!  Dig in your attics and basements - what do you still have in your 1965 Roundup Memories Box?  Share your memories with us gsrr@comcast.net and we'll put them on the website here for all to enjoy -- or bring some with you to share at the Reunion!
Schweitzer Mountain Resort
Sandpoint, Idaho
September 13-18, 2015

Thank you to Linda Reany Heilman and Elizabeth Buchanan Sinnes for sharing the following memories of 1965.
See many more on the Girl Scout Roundup 1965 facebook page

More photos sent by Julie Spohr - Click Here


Imagine a beautiful mountain-side location with breath-taking views overlooking Lake Pend Oreille for a Roundup Reunion celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Idaho Roundup -- and we are so excited to have such a great response of "Rounduppers" to get together in a few months, to make new friends, renew old friendships, and celebrate our shared memories of those incredible Roundups of 1956, 1959, 1962, and this time especially 1965!. 

Schweitzer Mountain Resort - here we come!!  Are you ready for this bunch of happy "girls"!!
"Girls" -- you do know that we get the whole resort to ourselves this week?  Yes!!


  Welcome to Schweitzer Mountain!
The 2015 Roundup Reunion Committee

Round Up Good Fellowship, Service, and Cheer!!